IES Values Recognition Form

IES Values Recognition Form
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Please see the right hand side of the screen for a more detailed description of each value.
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IES Values 



  • Presume positive intent; listen to one another and ask clarifying questions, if needed.
  • Honor and value the opinions, cultures, and values of all members within the school community.
  • In times of disagreement, be tough on the issue, not on the person in a non-judgmental way.
  • Communicate in a direct, timely, and respectful manner realizing what you do affects others.


  • Intentionally connect with all stakeholders to instill a sense of acceptance and belonging.
  • Provide a culturally sensitive environment that includes relevant teaching strategies, individual accommodations, looking beyond assumptions, and participation in collaborative discussions for all.


  • Strive to do the right things for the right reasons, even when it’s hard.
  • Keep our promises, even if it takes extra effort.
  • Speak truth to others and expect them to do the same with us.

Persistence/ Perseverance

  • Approach all problems with a positive and “can do” attitude and not be limited by our challenges or past experiences.
  • Continuously evaluate and adjust individual student plans to ensure students are not limited by their challenges or past experiences.
  • Support and encourage one another in good times and in  times of struggle.
  • Be adaptable and flexible in the achievement of district, building, and staff goals.

Growth Mindset

  • Inspire growth in ourselves and others by sharing new ideas, being open to and seeking new opportunities for growth and change, and taking risks in order to improve outcomes.
  • Engaging in self-evaluation to recognize one’s strengths and opportunities for growth and creating plans for professional growth.

Collaboration/ Teamwork

  • Sharing the workload among all stakeholders.
  • Be relied upon to fulfill our commitments and responsibilities.
  • All stakeholders share and have a voice in the educational programming for each student.
  • Recognize that no one of us is as good as all of us by supporting each other through: sharing information, concerns, ideas, resources, and questions; by planning together, and by putting the team’s goals before our own.


  • Have the courage to hold each other accountable and grow together, for example, by being open to giving and receiving feedback.
  • Provide intentional high quality academic and non-academic support to every student, every day.
  • Actively engaging in opportunities to improve and evolve as an organization.